My name is Samuel Tan Cher Lock, but I usually go by Sherlock Sam. My job? A Consulting Detective. With my grumpy robot Watson and my friends in the Supper Club, I will stop at nothing to solve your case, no matter how big or small!

In order to find out more about my cases, you’ll need to explore my website! What are you waiting for?

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Ssam 9 Webslide
SSAM 8 Slide
SSam 7 Webslide
Sherlock Sam and the Cloaked Classmate in MacRitchie
Sherlock Sam and the Vanished Robot in Penang
Sherlock Sam and the Alien Encounter on Pulau Ubin
Sherlock Sam and the Sinister Letters in Bras Basah
Sherlock Sam and Ghostly Moans in Fort Canning
Sherlock Sam and the Missing Heirloom in Katong

150 thoughts on “Home

  1. Tony says:

    Hi Sherlock Sam ! It’s October may I know when is the approximate date that Book 9 will come out? Hope to hear from u !!

  2. joey says:

    Yap … when is it coming ? My son is still waiting . . . . :-(

  3. Tony says:

    It’s finally coming out!! I can’t wait for it! Hope that you can post it soon on Facebook!

  4. Aqilah says:

    Hi i am a fan of Sherlock Sam. May i know when the 9th book coming out? Thanks.😀

    • sherlocksam says:

      Hi Aqilah,

      Thank you for being a fan! :) The 9th book will be out end-October this year! We’ll be posting exciting updates on our Facebook page soon! :)

  5. Clare says:

    I hope that you can post a little bit of Book 9 everyday until the release of the book!!

    • sherlocksam says:

      Hi Clare,

      We’ve been revealing the cover bit by bit on Facebook these past two day! The grand reveal will be tomorrow followed by something special after :D Keep a look out on our Facebook page :D

  6. Giselle says:

    Hello Sherlock Sam! I really love your books! I hope you write more!

  7. dianna says:

    When is the 9th book coming out?why is watson so grumpy?
    I cant wait for the 9th book!😀

    • sherlocksam says:

      Hello Dianna (or Kelicia or Kelly)! Book 9 is coming out by the end of this month! And Watson is grumpy because he’s made out of a bunch of old parts that Sherlock and Dad found around the house. So Watson feels old and grumpy :)

    • dianna says:

      I am kelicia. My nick names are Kelly and Dianna.

  8. AHEM, Okay. There Would Be A My Little Pony Programme(You Know, Bronycon) On 13 Dec! Since I Found Out That You’re A Fan Of It So, I Hope To See You There! (You Can Rent A Booth So You Can Sell Some Mlp Stuffs There. I Wish You Can Sell Some Of The Books On There!)
    You Should Go Here For More Information: https://www.aliwalartscentre.sg/events/cantermare-university-harmony-lab/

    • sherlocksam says:


      So sorry we didn’t reply to this sooner. We somehow missed it!

      Thanks for letting us know about this! We didn’t realize there were any My Little Pony conventions in Singapore :D

  9. Tony says:

    Hi is it going to be on all bookstores tomorrow? ???

    • sherlocksam says:

      Hi there, we’re not quite sure, but it should be out by the end of the month for sure! If you are doing down to a bookstores, maybe you can give them a call before heading down just to make sure!

  10. Tony says:

    Hi can u post on Facebook when Book 9 is out in all bookstores?

    • sherlocksam says:

      Hi there, we’ve posted details on our Facebook page! At the moment Book 9 is available at Books Kinokuniya, but should be available in other local bookstores by the end of the month! Just to be safe, do give the bookstore a call before you head down!

  11. Kelicia says:

    Hello Sherlock Sam,
    I went to Jem’s Kinokunia yesterday (25 October 2015) but I didn’t see book nine.

    • sherlocksam says:

      Hi there, it should be at Kino JEM very soon! It is definitely available at the Kino in Ngee Ann City now. But just to be sure, please call the bookstore before going down! Thank you :)

  12. WIll Book 9 Be Out At Popular?

  13. Kelicia says:

    Hello Sherlock Sam,
    I have read book 9 and it is really nice. But why does Eliza’s parents want to divorce? And when is book 10 coming out? I can’t wait till the next book come out! :)
    (By the way, your books are really nice!)

    • sherlocksam says:


      Sometimes, some parents fall out of love with each other and want to pursue separate lives, and Eliza’s parents have decided this is what’s best for them.

      We’re glad you’re enjoying Book 9! We’ve only just started working on Book 10, so it won’t be out until next year :)

  14. ya wen says:

    I love your book R U writing book
    10 now

  15. A.K says:

    Hello Sherlock Sam,

    I loved reading your books. My mummy just bought me book 9 and I am reading it. On page 63, last 4th sentence, should it not be ‘word’ instead of ‘world’?

    From: A.K, 8 yrs old boy.

    • sherlocksam says:

      Hi A.K,

      Thank you for writing to us and letting us know that you enjoy reading our books :) We’re so glad! And yes, you are absolutely correct–it should be “word”! Thank you for having such sharp eyes and pointing it out to us. We’ll definitely make sure to correct the mistake when we reprint the book :)

  16. kelicia says:

    Hello sherlock sam,
    what is book 10 about?

    • sherlocksam says:

      Hi Kelicia,

      Book 10 is titled Sherlock Sam and the Comic Book Caper in New York and the synopsis is at the back of Book 9!

      Thank you.

      Felicia and Adan

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