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A.J. Low is a husband-and-wife writing team!

Adan Jimenez was born in the San Joaquin Valley in California to Mexican immigrant parents. He became an immigrant himself when he moved to Singapore after living in New York for almost a decade. He has worked for comic book stores, book stores, gaming stores and even a hoagie sandwich shop once. He loves comics, LEGOs, books, games (analog and video), Doctor Who and sandwiches. 

Felicia Low-Jimenez has worked around books for most of her adult life. She has bought books, sold books, marketed books, published books, and now she writes books. She loves to nap and eat chocolate. She spends most of her free time reading, and, when she can afford it, she travels, usually to look for beautiful bookstores around the world.

Sherlock Sam and the Missing Heirloom in Katong won the International Schools Libraries Network’s Red Dot Award 2013-2014 in the Younger Readers’ Category. Sherlock Sam and the Ghostly Moans in Fort Canning took third place in the Popular Readers’ Choice Awards 2013 in the English Children’s Books category, while Sherlock Sam and the Quantum Pair in Queenstown won first place in the Popular Readers’ Choice Awards 2017 in the English Children’s Books category.

Sherlock Sam Books 1-5 have been translated into Turkish by Nemesis Kitap and Books 1-3 into Bahasa Indonesia by Buah Hati.

North American English rights have been sold to Andrews McMeel Publishing for the first three books. Check out the Sherlock Sam page on the AMP! Comics for Kids website!

If you liked our books, or just want to take a look at our extensive LEGO collection, you can email us at sherlock.sam.sg@gmail.com!


Andrew Tan (also known as drewscape) is a full-time freelance illustrator and an Eisner-nominated comic artist. He illustrates for print ads, magazines and also enjoys storyboarding and illustrating for picture book projects. During his free time, he’s always creating his own comics for the fun of it. In his home studio you’ll find an overflow of art tools of all kinds as he loves experimenting with them. He has already too many fountain pens and tells himself that he will stop buying more. Andrew published his first graphic novel, Monsters, Miracles & Mayonnaise, in 2012.


25 thoughts on “About

  1. […] well-designed and thought-provoking titles. Today, we’re excited to present an interview with A.J. Low, the husband-and-wife writing team behind our latest children’s series, Sherlock Sam. The […]

  2. Lali lulu says:

    I was thinking could you make your next book’s theme somewhere in Europe?

  3. riddhi says:

    Why did youl name the character as sherlock sam. Was it because of his liking towards sherlock? 🙂

    • sherlocksam says:

      Hi there!

      Yes! That’s exactly why. Sherlock Sam’s hero is Sherlock Holmes. Also, his full name is Samuel Tan Cher Lock which also explains why he’s called Sherlock Sam 🙂

  4. bananana says:

    where is the next book going to be

  5. […] Low-Jimenez (Singapore), author of the Sherlock Sam children’s detective […]

  6. shing fung says:

    I love your books Sherlock and you are so awesome come on make me your friend already!!!
    P.S.: do you exist?

    • sherlocksam says:

      Hi Shing Fung,

      Thank you for writing to us 🙂 We’re glad you like our books. And yes, Adan and Felicia are real people 🙂

    • Edlyn Janicia Yeo says:

      Hi! I rlly love your Sherlock Sam series because it is mostly based in Singapore, and I relate so much to it, as I am Singaporean myself! 😀 It is so inspirational to see authors from Singapore write such successful book series like these. I’ve introduced my friends to this book series and they love it too! One suggestion: maybe an upcoming book can be about the Supper Club in Jewel Changi Airport. Hehe. Thanks for creating this awesome book series!

      • sherlocksam says:

        Hi there! We’re so glad that you can relate to the Sherlock Sam series and enjoy reading the books 🙂 Thank you for introducing your friends to the books too! It means a lot to us. We’ll definitely keep your suggestion in mind for future books–we’ve actually not visited Jewel yet hehe.

  7. shing fung says:


  8. Mackayla says:

    Hi! What inspired you to make books? What is Sams personality? I LLOOVVEE YOUR BOOKS!

    • sherlocksam says:

      Hi there, Mackayla,

      THANK YOU!!!

      We’ve always loved reading and writing since we were very young and we wanted to created our own stories and characters! We especially loved reading mysteries so we were super excited to have a chance to write the Sherlock Sam books!

  9. Lilly De Geyter says:

    Dear A.J.Low,
    Thank you for coming to our school and answering our questions.
    It was amazing to hear about writing from an author.

    Kind Regards,

  10. Chong Zhe Hao says:

    when is your next book going to publish?LOVE UR BOOKS!!!
    P.S.my school Book Character Day coming soon,I wanna dress as Sherlock Sam in the book Sherlock Sam and the fiendish heist in London!Again,LOVE UR BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOKSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • sherlocksam says:

      Hello! Our next book, Sherlock Sam and the Mysterious Mastermind in Seoul, should be coming out in late August or early September 🙂

      If you dress up as Sherlock, you should totally send us photos!

      Thanks for loving our books so much! 😀

  11. Lee Shen Teng says:

    There’s how many characters in every book?

    • sherlocksam says:

      Hello Shen Teng! It depends on the book, but every book features the Supper Club and various supporting characters like new friends, possible suspects, and of course a villain or two 🙂

  12. Ralph P says:

    I once drew Sherlock Sam and Waston back in 2017.

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We’re featured in the @straits_times together with other Singlit Kidlit authors! We talk about what’s next for Sherlock Sam, Watson, and the Supper Club, and the why we 💜 writing the series. Thank you, @ohomatopoeia for the interview 😁 #sherlocksam #ajlow #singlit #kidlit #middlegrade @epigrambooks
Bright and early at Yuhua Primary for the Read Your World program by @nacsingapore 😁 We hope you guys had lots of fun with Sherlock, Watson, and the Supper Club! And thank you to @closetfulofbooks for arranging the talk! 🤓 #sherlocksam #ajlow #singlit #buysinglit #readyourworld #reading #writing
Thank you, Marymount Convent for being such an attentive audience! We hope you guys picked up some tips and tricks on how to write stories 😁 Have a great reading month! 🥳 #sherlocksam #ajlow #reading #writing #singlit #robots #detectives #mysteries #marymountconventschool
Felicia was back at River Valley Primary today to sign books! Thank you for inviting us and reading the Sherlock Sam series. It means so much to us! 💜 #sherlocksam #ajlow #reading #writing #signing #singlit #grateful @epigrambooks
We had an amazing session with the P3 class at Boon Lay Gardens Primary! They read the story that was set in Jurong and made a travel guide to the places in the book. Plus, there was a lively debate about the villain’s motivation in the story. Thank you to the teachers at the school and to ASCD for being awesome and so dedicated 🙆‍♀️🙆🏻‍♂️ #sherlocksam #ajlow #ASCD #writing #reading #singlit #school #fun @epigrambooks
We had a fun morning talking to the students at River Valley Primary! It’s their book week and they have a tons of activities lined up 🥳 #sherlocksam #ajlow #singlit #bookweek #reading #writing #rivervalleyprimaryschool
We really love seeing what kids come up with when they write stories and power-up characters in the Sherlock Sam universe. They’re inspiring. A huge thank you to the dedicated teachers at Telok Kurau Primary and the ASCD! #sherlocksam #ajlow #singlit #writing #reading #dreaming #robotsarecool #detectives #mysteries @epigrambooks
Waiting for class to start! 😬 #sherlocksam #ajlow #writing #reading #ascd #telokkurauprimary #singlit @epigrambooks @telokkurauprimarycelebrates
It’s always super fun to meet kids who like to read! Whee! #sherlocksam #ajlow #reading #books #fun
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