Four Square!


4 copy

Have you mastered Four Square yet? If not, then check out these handy-dandy links!

Four Square – Heroes of the Game video: – the Four Square League of Boston’s official rules:

7 thoughts on “Four Square!

  1. Angel says:

    So fun

  2. Lali Lulu says:

    I wonder how to play 4 square? Sherlock you must teach me please ?????

    • sherlocksam says:

      Haha. The instructions are all in the book, but if you need more instructions, you ask your parents to help you look for youtube videos that teach kids how to play Four Square! That’s how Felicia learned 🙂

  3. Adam Lincoln says:

    I’ve played the game with my three friends, Darius, Addison and Tyler, and so far, we’ve enjoyed playing it very much! Thank u for telling me the game in book 3!

  4. A3NA says:

    Where did it originate. I want to know because I learned it in 3rd grade because we had 4 square courts.

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