Want to meet the cast of the Sherlock Sam books? Then you’re in the right place!

Samuel Tan Cher Lock a.k.a. Sherlock Sam

A ten-year-old boy with eyes bigger than his tummy, Sherlock’s heroes are Sherlock Holmes, Batman and his dad. Extremely smart and observant, Sherlock often takes it upon himself to solve any and all mysteries—big or small. He loves comics and superheroes!


Built by Sherlock to be his trusty, cheery sidekick, Watson is, instead, a grumpy “old man” who is reluctantly drawn into Sherlock’s adventures; or as Watson perceives them, his misadventures. Watson is environmentally friendly.


Sherlock’s older sister. A year older than him, Wendy is a very talented artist but she is terrible at Chinese. Sherlock would like to be taller than her one day soon. She doesn’t like wearing dresses or skirts.


Sherlock’s classmate, Jimmy is the only boy in a Peranakan family with four sisters. Seemingly much younger than his actual age, everything is exciting and magical to Jimmy. He has terrible handwriting.


Nazhar is the big brother of the group. Usually shy and quiet, Nazhar will stand up for his friends when they are threatened. Sherlock admires him for his knowledge of history, which Nazhar picked up from his dad. Nazhar believes in the supernatural much to the dismay of Sherlock.


One of the prettiest and most popular girls in school, Eliza often bullies kids she sees as weird or geeky, for example, Sherlock Sam and his friends. Eliza spends a lot of time in front of the bathroom mirror, making sure her hair is neat.


An engineer, Sherlock’s dad is a scientific genius, but is rather forgetful and bumbling in real life. He has never stopped reading superhero comics—a love he’s passed on to his son.


A homemaker, Sherlock’s mom is half-Peranakan and is constantly experimenting in the kitchen. Sherlock often wonders why she tempts him with food, then does not allow him to eat his fill.

Auntie Kim Lian

A Peranakan matriarch, Auntie Kim Lian is renowned for her cooking skills. Fiercely protective of her grandchildren and her family recipes, she loves cooking for Sherlock Sam because he loves her food!

Officer Siva

A Deputy Superintendent in the Singapore Police Force, Officer Siva is an experienced policeman who is extremely impressed by the intelligence he sees in Sherlock Sam. He loves kaya toast and coffee from Chin Mee Chin, a bakery in Katong.


Luis is 10-years-old and in the Fourth Grade at Enterprise International School. An expert in Four Square, Luis loves sports and the beach. Originally from California, Luis has grown to love Singaporean culture and food, especially Milo.

Uncle Fidel

Uncle Fidel worked as a copywriter in the US before moving to Singapore. He started writing children’s books because he wanted to encourage his son, Luis, to read more. Fidel loves wearing hats and drinking kopi-c-peng (Singaporean iced coffee with evaporated milk).

Auntie Maria Olga

Auntie Maria Olga works long hours as a kidney surgeon and is happy that Fidel is able to write from home and spend time with Luis. When she’s free, she’ll make delicious Mexican food for her family. She collects tiny bottles from around the world.

head-maria olga

24 thoughts on “Characters

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  2. sherlock fan says:

    hey i know how watason got his name.
    his dad said”what son” get watson!

  3. sherlock fan says:

    very cool

  4. Wayne says:

    When does book 6 out ?😕

  5. Angel says:

    I simply love sherlock sam!!!!

  6. Lali lulu says:

    Do you know where I can get a costume of Nazir in Singapore?

    • sherlocksam says:

      There aren’t any ready-made costumes of the characters (yet!), but Nazhar mostly wears his school uniform. If you really want to dress up like Nazhar, just find a school uniform that looks like his and wear that 🙂

  7. Suen Ning says:

    1 last book to read (sherlock sam and the vanished robots in penang)
    can’t stop reading once i start

  8. Xavier lee says:

    When will you launch Book 10/

  9. Go to Turkey , Istanbul. Try shish kebab. 😀

  10. Sherlock 4ever says:


  11. Evan says:

    I love Sherlock Sam !

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