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Check out Drewscape (@drewscape_art) sketching a scene from our upcoming book, Sherlock Sam and the Fiendish Heist in London! Want to know what it is about? 🔎 Hint: Check our Sherlock Sam's Orange Shorts to find out! .
P.S. This is way cooler than a video of us typing 😬
#kidlit #middlegrade
#singlit #epigrambooks
#favouritepairofshorts Our copy of The Ollie Comics has been specially autographed by Ollie herself! Whee! According to Andrew, she held the pen like a master artist 😁 It's us working on the illustrations for the next Sherlock Sam book! Andrew's new comic is out so if you want to get a copy check out his account at @drewscape_art! Thanks for taking this photo, WY! #sherlocksam #olliecomics #drewscape These are our two new bookshelves that we had no choice but to put in our kitchen. Most of our unread books and comics are here. We don't know why we keep buying more books. We also don't know why we still go to the library every week to borrow more books. We might have a #bookaddiction. #tsundoku #books #bookshelves #nospace While looking for One-Eyed Willy's treasure on the #Goonies #LegoDimensions level, we found a #Dalek processing plant from the original #DoctorWho series! (And of course we played as our favourite #TenthDoctor!) A friend based in Manila shared this with us today and we are super excited! Thank you so much! And we hope Loisse likes the rest of the series too 🙆😁 #sherlocksam #singlit #diversereads @epigrambooks @andrewsmcmeel We sent in our next draft for #SherlockSam and the Fiendish Mastermind in London so we're spending today playing #LegoDimensions! Happy National Day, everyone! Guys! Look at our awesomesauce new cushions handmade by amazingly talented local poet, writer, and artist Tania De Rozario! She has an online shop on @etsy so check it out!

#geekcushions Spotted at Popular Bookstore! Whee! #sherlocksam #singlit
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