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  • School Presentation 03/05/2017 at 08:00 – 09:00 Huamin Primary SchoolnSingapore 76
Is this a #SherlockSam story? Could this be Wendy? What's happening here?! Watch this space to find out! Hehehe :D Thanks for having us today, Canadian International School! We had lots of fun with the Year Four students and we hope they have a great time on their upcoming camping trip to Pulau Ubin! #SherlockSam @closetfulofbooks #SherlockSam spotted at Open House bookstore in Bangkok! Thank you! Whee! Wait a minute! What's Watson doing at the SBS building where they sometimes film the Running Man episodes? Could he be trying to pitch a variety show about grumpy robots?! #sherlocksam Hehehe. It's poop toffee candy! We are at Insadong which is an artist haven in Seoul! There are many indie artists selling their wares and stuff there. Wendy would love it! Hello from Seoul! It's wet and rainy today but we're having a lot of fun running around! #sherlocksam Watson visits a university in Seoul and Sherlock Sam insists on trying the cafe that the students go to! #SherlockSam Yay! The #AndrewsMcmeel edition of book 3 is out! In case readers in North America are wondering, that handsome fellow in the upper left of the cover is based on Adan's dad! Hehe. #SherlockSam
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