Sherlock Sam

Sherlock Sam

Meet Sherlock Sam, Singapore’s Greatest
Kid Detective.

As their reputation grows, Sherlock Sam, Watson, and the rest of the Supper Club have been asked to solve mysteries in Singapore and around the world.

Keep scrolling to find out more about their cases and the detectives themselves! Who knows what you might uncover!

The books are available from Epigram Books and bookstores. If you’re in the US, you can find their cases at Andrews McMeel. If you’d like to read their adventures in the Korean language, find out more from Hansol Soobook!

The Sherlock Sam series is illustrated by Eisner-nominated artist Andrew Tan (drewscape). He writes comics too!


Sherlock Sam and the Seafaring Scourge on Sentosa: Case 15 New

The adventures of the Supper Club continue! In Sherlock Sam and the Seafaring Scourge on Sentosa, Sherlock and the Supper Club find themselves on a collision course with their most dangerous foe yet!

A collector’s priceless artifacts have been stolen and he hires the Wonderful Watson Online Detective Agency to retrieve them. Sherlock and his friends find themselves following clues on the small islands around Singapore, only to discover the true culprits behind the crime are none other than Pirates Inc.!

Will the Supper Club succeed in dismantling this international criminal cartel, or will they find themselves exploring Davy Jones’ Locker? Find out in Sherlock Sam’s next exciting adventure!

Sherlock Sam and the Burgled Book in Kampong Glam: Case 14

A rare manuscript is stolen from a bookstore, and Nazhar’s dad is the main suspect! Officer Siva tells the Supper Club they can’t investigate, but that’s never stopped Sherlock and his friends before.
Will they prove Nazhar’s dad’s innocence and catch the true culprits? Or will they be perplexed by the puzzling pilferers?

Sherlock Sam and the Mysterious Mastermind in Seoul: Case 13

The Supper Club must chase their new adversary to South Korea where many cryptic conundrums await them! With Watson and Moran behaving strangely, will Sherlock and the Supper Club be able to puzzle their way through the various challenges set before them? Or will they be run ragged by their most rascally rival yet? Find out in the concluding installment of the Battle of the Brains Duology!

Sherlock Sam and the Fiendish Heist in London: Case 12

In a sudden turn of events, the Fiendish Mastermind calls the Supper Club to London to solve the mystery of a new criminal genius who is even more fiendish than he ever was! Sherlock Sam, Watson and the Supper Club have to race against the clock to discover the brains behind the crimes that have left the London police baffled. The thrills and restaurants of London will have to take a backseat as Sherlock Sam and gang come head-to-head with their most devious adversary yet!

Sherlock Sam’s Orange Shorts: Case 11A

This special collection of short stories gives a glimpse into the alternative realities introduced in Sherlock Sam and the Quantum Pair in Queenstown, where different versions of the gang throughout time and space exist, from Ōnāy-359 and the Middle Kingdom, to the town of Tumbleweed and a Fowl Tomb. It’s Nazhar, Moran, Wendy, Mom and Dad, Officer Siva and Inspector Lestrade, Jimmy, Eliza, Watson, and Sherlock Sam as you’ve never seen them before!

Sherlock Sam and the Quantum Pair in Queenstown: Case 11

The Supper Club encounters strange and impossible phenomena near Dad’s workplace, and Sherlock Sam suspects that the weirdness is caused by alternate realities bleeding into his own. Together with Watson and the rest of the Supper Club, Sherlock Sam works to stop universes from colliding, lest they face a crisis of infinite Watson’s spouting sarcasm everywhere they turn!

Sherlock Sam and the Comic Book Caper in New York: Case 10

The Supper Club are attending the San Diego Comic-Con when a piece of experimental technology is stolen by a real-life superhero turned real-life supervillain! Will Sherlock Sam, Watson and the rest of the gang be able to rush across the country to rescue the priceless technology from the clutches of this evil-doer? Or is this the end of the world as we know it?

Sherlock Sam and the Obento Bonanza in Tokyo: Case 9

Inspector Lestrade and Interpol have a mystery that only the Supper Club can unravel. Sherlock, Watson, and their friends travel to Tokyo, Japan, and eat their way through a baffling series of clues before they can solve the tasty crime! Will Sherlock Sam prevail? Or will everything get lost in translation, leaving our intrepid detectives cold and hungry?

Sherlock Sam and the Fiendish Mastermind in Jurong: Case 8

Watson has been kidnapped by Sherlock Sam’s arch-nemesis! Will Sherlock and the Supper Club be able to decipher the baffling riddles that the fiend has set before them…before it’s too late? Or will Sherlock’s trusty teammate be lost forever? Discover what happens in the exciting conclusion of The Fiendish Mastermind Trilogy!

Sherlock Sam and the Stolen Script in Balestier: Case 7

After getting in trouble with his parents over the mayhem in MacRitchie, Sherlock Sam was forced to disband the Supper Club. However, his arch-nemesis continues to taunt him. This time, the top-secret final script of Singapore’s most popular television series is stolen! Can Sherlock Sam, Watson and their friends resolve the dastardly plot twists in their way? Stay tuned to find out!

Sherlock Sam and the Cloaked Classmate in MacRitchie: Case 6

Sherlock Sam encounters his most important mystery yet! His classmate has gone missing at MacRitchie Reservoir and no one can find him. Fearing the worst, Officer Siva refuses to let the Supper Club help, but there’s never been a mystery Sherlock, Watson and their friends could ignore! Part One of the Fiendish Mastermind Trilogy!

Sherlock Sam and the Vanished Robot in Penang: Case 5

Sherlock Sam and the Supper Club are off to Penang for a holiday! Of course, Sherlock Sam can’t go anywhere without bumping into a mystery. An antique tin robot vanishes from a toy museum without a trace! Did it walk off on its own? Was it teleported away? Will Singapore’s Greatest Kid Detective be able to resist all the local delicacies and focus on his most dangerous case yet?

Sherlock Sam and the Quick Detectives at the Writers Festival: Case 4.5

Over two weekends in November 2013, 60 child-parent teams raced around the Singapore Management University campus during the Singapore Writers Festival for the chance to be written into their very own Sherlock Sam mystery. These are the stories of the two fastest detectives.

Sherlock Sam and the Stolen Egg in Punggol Park

Sherlock Sam and the Missing Goggles in Potong Pasir

Sherlock Sam and the Alien Encounter on Pulau Ubin: Case 4

When weird things happen while camping on Pulau Ubin, Sherlock Sam is convinced that aliens are to blame! Eager to investigate, Sherlock Sam and his not-so-eager robot Watson journey into the wilderness and discover a mystery that’s out of this world. Will these close encounters get the better of Singapore’s Greatest Kid Detective, or will he prove to be a higher life form?

Sherlock Sam and the Sinister Letters in Bras Basah: Case 3

Sherlock Sam’s adventures continue, this time in an international school in Singapore! Sherlock Sam is all set to discover what an international school in Singapore is really like, but one of the students is receiving strange letters that are causing grave concern. Can Singapore’s Greatest Kid Detective use his super intelligence to help his new friend?

Sherlock Sam and the Ghostly Moans in Fort Canning: Case 2

The adventures of Sherlock Sam continue! Ghostly sounds fill the air at one of Singapore’s most-loved historical attractions, Fort Canning Park! Sherlock Sam finds himself in the middle of an intriguing mystery. Ghosts do not exist… or do they? Will this puzzle prove too difficult for Sherlock Sam and his loyal sidekick robot, Watson, to solve?

Sherlock Sam and the Missing Heirloom in Katong: Case 1

Auntie Kim Lian’s precious Peranakan cookbook has disappeared, and Sherlock Sam cannot eat her delicious ayam buah keluak anymore! Will Sherlock Sam be able to use his super detective powers to find this lost treasure?


Sherlock Sam

An 11-year old detective who tends to bite off more than he can chew, Sherlock Sam loves superheroes and comics. His heroes are Sherlock Holmes and Batman. Exceptionally curious and intelligent, Sherlock cannot resist a perplexing mystery, not even when it can get him in trouble.


Less than two years old, Watson behaves more like a grumpy old man though he has remarkable similarities to a sulky toddler. He is often reluctantly drawn into Sherlock’s misadventures. Watson secretly wants to join S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Science division and create an army of like-minded robots.


Wendy, Sherlock’s 12-year-old sister, can be a tomboy. Her arch-nemeses are mosquitoes and broken colour pencils, She is a talented artist and her favourite colour is green. Her Chinese is terrible.


Sherlock’s classmate, Jimmy, seems to have the super power to fall down without injuring himself. His enthusiasm for everything is infectious and no one can stay mad at him for long (that might be his other super power). He loves the name “Benjamin”.


Nazhar is a bookish boy who loves reading about history and is the big brother of the group. He is trying to learn more about the outdoors from Eliza but, unfortunately, Nazhar has a horrible sense of direction.


Eliza is an only child. Her parents have recently divorced which was very difficult for her. Though sometimes sarcastic and mean, Eliza has become a true ally of Sherlock Sam and a member of the Supper Club. She really loves My Little Pony and neat hair.


Sherlock’s mom is half-Peranakan and a genius with molecular gastronomy. She loves books by Jane Austen and enjoys watching superhero movies more than she lets on.


A brilliant engineer, Sherlock’s dad is constantly working on top-secret experiments. He cannot concentrate unless he is chewing on Red Vines, a twisty liquorice candy. He has never stopped reading superhero comics because he thinks that everyone needs heroes, no matter how old they are.

Officer Siva

Officer Siva is an experienced and insightful police officer with the Singapore Police Force, but he cannot work without his morning kopi. A trusted ally of Sherlock Sam, Officer Siva is studying Spanish because he’s addicted to telenovelas. He hopes they’ll be the new Korean dramas in Singapore.


Moran used to belong to the Fiendish Mastermind, but now lives with Jimmy, his sisters, his Mama and Auntie Gina. Unlike Watson’s robotic voice, Moran sounds almost human. He also has an amazing moustache. He wants to be a chef.

Inspector Lestrade

A somewhat unorthodox INTERPOL agent from France who loves to cosplay randomly. Officer Siva calls her “conspicuously inconspicuous”. Some of her previous costumes include: fire hydrant, mini-Eiffel Tower and bakery shop

Reader reviews

We are always on the look out for kid reviewers! If you’d like to write a review about a Sherlock Sam book, send us an email at (but make sure you check with your parents or guardians first)!

From kids

“There were so many twists and turns! The story of the burgled book definitely kept me guessing. A book about books is cool. I love that I learned a tonne of fun facts because of Nazhar’s interest in history. There was also lots of interesting information about Singaporean culture. As usual, the Supper Club was hilarious.”
— Maya, 9, wants to work at Interpol

“I like how Sherlock Sam and the Supper Club chased clues to find out who stole the antique book and sneakily replace it with a fake. Reading this book has made me interested in visiting the Malay Heritage Centre to see the exhibitions and learn more about Singapore’s past.”
— Alyssa Anne, 7, wants to be a veterinarian

“This is the first Sherlock Sam book that I’ve read, and I enjoyed it very much. I could not stop giggling at the parts where Sherlock keeps asking for food. I really hope that there will be more Sherlock Sam books in the future.”
— Hani’ah, 9, wants to be an author

“One of my favourite Sherlock Sam books so far! I really liked learning about Seoul and solving the Mysterious Mastermind’s clues, and couldn’t wait to find out how Watson and Moran would return to their own bodies. I also had fun making a ddakji and throwing it like a frisbee!”
— Anya, 8, wants to be a scientist

“I enjoyed reading how the Supper Club went around Seoul solving the different puzzles and uncovering the identity of the Mysterious Mastermind. I even made a ddakji and played with my parents. Reading Sherlock Sam and the Mysterious Mastermind in Seoul makes me want to visit Korea and try out different delicious Korean foods.”
— Kaelyn, 9, wants to be an artist

From grown-ups

“It’s not often we get to read a story inspired by Kampong Glam, a historical district that is both modern and traditional! And this one is funny and vivid!”
— Rilla Melati, TV Presenter and Author

“In this funny and fast paced detective story, Sherlock Sam and the Supper Club take readers to the best places in Tokyo. Curiosity and suspense keep rising in each chapter, as they follow clues to track down the missing animator Mona Sumi. The humor and camaraderie of the children, the robots and the lovable parents are reassuring, and makes you wish you could be part of the group in their next adventure.”
— Naomi Kojima, author and illustrator of many Japanese picture books

“What’s not to love about a savvy kid with pluck, prepared to step outside humdrum routines to solve mysteries? Young readers everywhere dream of pushing limits in pursuit of adventure, and Sam is all the more appealing for his habit of running rings around grown-up buffoons. In Sherlock Sam, A.J. Low has conceived a series sure to have long-term appeal.”
— Dr Ken Spillman, philanthropist and author of the Jake series

“If I were a kid again—and that was just last night—I would join Sherlock Sam in his great, adult-dodging, adventure-and-mosquito-ridden investigations! I would hide inside his robot Watson and talk-like-this-and-eat-his-stash-of-Khong-Guan-biscuits-when-he-wasn’t-watching… Come-on-Sherlock-make-me-your-best-friend-already!”
— Dr Gwee Li Sui, poet and author of Myth of the Stone

“Sherlock Sam continues to captivate its readers. Definitely a middle-grade series that I would unreservedly recommend to teachers, parents, and fellow bibliogeeks. Science!”
— Dr Myra Garces-Bacsal, professor at the National Institute of Education and book blogger at GatheringBooks